People were born with emotion and will.  This is the reason why there’s a temperament.  Is it becoming a problem? There’s no excuse, all are born with a temper.  But being hot-tempered becomes a problem for so many people.  I’m also a victim of being a hot-tempered person before, and I don’t like it.  The Bible stated this beautiful quote in Prov. 22:24-25, “Don’t befriend angry people or associate with hot-tempered people, or you will learn to be like them and endanger your soul (NLT).”  It’s clear that being hot-tempered cannot do anything good for our soul.  It is a trap, and it is hard to escape from its snare. It’s a huge problem.

People can’t live in anger all the time for we are not designed to be men of anger.  The danger of being drowned with anger is the loss of focus. He might not be in his normal state of condition and may do things that will put his lives in danger as well as others.  The whole body gets tense and consumes a lot of energy. It is tiring and may cause a lot of stress.

Therefore, when you feel disappointed and frustrated with someone else, think first.  Do some preparation to prevent you from bursting into anger.  Walk away, cover your mouth and do some inhale-exhale breathing to calm you down. Practice it.

The best is to correct your inner self, you might have the past and present experience or situation that triggers you to be angry all the time.  Always ask yourself this question: Why am I so angry? What is my problem? What triggers me to be angry? Know yourself, if you don’t know your self-identity, start right now before it’s too late to change.

 “If you are angry, you’re a human; if you know how to overcome anger, you’re wise”

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